DODDS SE-1-CNC Dovetail Machine

DODDS SE-1-CNC-C Dovetail Machine

Operation and set up of the SE-1-CNC dovetailer is simple and accurate to meet the ever-increasing demand of today's production environment. Using the touch screen operator interface the type of construction is selected. Set up information is then entered into the machine's computer.
Parts are secured each with a manually operated pneumatic clamp.


  1. Simple operation.
  2. Multiple construction types.
  3. Spindle movement controlled by servomotors.
  4. Touch screen operator interface.
  5. High frequency spindle motor.
  6. Programmable centerlines.
  7. Can load one complete 12” high drawer in machine.
  8. Manufactured in America.
  9. Replacement parts stocked in the USA.


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SE-1-CNC Dovetail
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