DODDS DE-760CNC Double End Dovetailer

DODDS DE-760CNC Double End Dovetailer

DODDS Model DE-760CNC (pictured with optional logo burn station) is the leader in automatic double end dovetailing. DODDS is using the latest in servo technology to provide the user with an easy machine to set-up and operate. Machining dovetailed drawer sides at rates up to 1100 parts per hour, it gives world class quality to one of the most popular forms of drawer construction. The DE-760CNC reduces manufacturing cost by dovetailing pre-finished material and squaring the material during the dovetail cycle to ensure exact tenon length. The return conveyor reduces costs even further by allowing the use of one operator to load and unload the material from one location.


  1. Easy operation and set-up with the use of a touch screen operator interface.
  2. Servo controls for consistency.
  3. Squaring of the materail during the dovetail cycle.
  4. Tool compensation for consistent dovetail size.
  5. Part parameter storage by part number for easy retrieval.
  6. Dovetails prefinished material.
  7. Produces precise tenon centerlines.
  8. Hopper feed and automatic return conveyor.
  9. Machine set-up and operator/maintenance training included.
  10. Factory technical assistance.


  1. Logo burn unit for burning customer logo on one drawer side.
  2. Notcher station for notching drawer back for drawer glide hardware for reverse English dovetail drawer construction.


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Double End Dovetailer, CNC Sides Only
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