Castaly 16 Bit Auto Dovetail Machine

Castaly CNC Dovetail Machine Center


  1. PC Control,High-tech automatic dovetail machine, mass production for various tenon sizes, shape and lengths
  2. Heavy steel frame and cast iron table for long life of usage.
  3. Four large air clamps for making two set of male and female dovetail at same time.
  4. Auto programed movements for complete cutting circle.
  5. Servo router head travels at precision linner bearing provide smooth and accuracy.
  6. Male and female dovetail was produce at same time for maximum match.
  7. Veriable cutting speeds for best finish of different material.
  8. Easy operation and maintenance.


Model #
CNC Dovetail Machine Center
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Working Width
1" ~ 32"
Working Thickness
3/8" ~ 1"
Main Spindle Motor
3 HP
Max. Spindle Cutting Speed
24000 RPM
X, Y Axis Servo Motor
1 HP x 2
CNC Controller
PC Base
Machine Size (L x W x H)
71" x 26" x 51"
Net weight
1450 LBS

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