Castaly 16 Bit Auto Dovetail Machine

Castaly 16 Bit and 24 Bit Auto Dovetail Machines


  1. Suitable for MDF, hard or soft wood products
  2. Making max. 24" wide male and female dovetail at one automatic stroke for mass production.
  3. Linear bearing guide for the smooth movement at high-speed stroke.
  4. Unique design variable speed of air-hydraulic system for even cutting feed pressure to achieved fine finish.
  5. Auto gearbox cooling system for 24 hour a day working capacity.
  6. Pneumatic clamps and powerful industrial motor for max, cutting effects
  7. Foot pedal controls automatic clamps and cutting cycle.
  8. Heavy steel frame and cast iron table for long durability of usage.
  9. Easily micro adjustment for the match of the dovetail tightness.


Model #
16 Bit Auto Dovetail
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24 Bit Auto Dovetail
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  CM-16AT CM-24AT
Main Motor 7½ HP 10HP
Cutter Spindle 16 PCS 24 PCS
Spindle Rotation (RPM) 7500 7500
Dovetail Max. Thickness 9/16" 9/16"
Dovetail Max. Width 9/16" 9/16"
Dovetail Max. Depth 1-1/2" 1-1/2"
Cutter Chuck 3/8"-24 3/8"-24
Dust Hood 4" 4"
N.W. (LBS) 1600 1700
G.W. (LBS) 1800 1980

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