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Taylor Dual Automated Clamp Carrier

Taylor Dual Automated Clamp Carrier

The Dual Automated Clamp Carrier is the world’s highest production room temperature edge gluing machine. Loosening of the clamps, loading of the wood stock and tightening of the clamps all take place simultaneously. On the Automated Clamp Carrier, the operator(s) wait for the Carrier to finish tightening, indexing to the next section. On the Dual Automated Clamp Carrier, as soon as the operator(s) finish loading the Carrier, they only needs to wait a few short seconds for the Carrier to index before beginning to unload the cured wood panels. The clamp loosener on the section above the operator loosens the clamps and the Clamp Tightener/Panel Flattener below the operator flattens the panels and tightens the clamps all while the operator simply unloads and reloads the Carrier. The great advantage of the Dual Automated Clamp Carrier is that operator(s) are spending 100% of their time loading and unloading material. This equates to maximum productivity.

Production is based on cycle time and panel size. Assuming that each section is curing 3 panels whose dimensions are 24" x 24" (60cm x 60cm) and assuming a cycle time of 50 seconds, production per shift equals:

One Panel:
=4 ft2 (.36M2)

One Section:
=12 ft2 (1.1M2)

One Cycle:
=50 seconds
=72 cycles/hour
=576 cycles/shift

Production output:
=12 ft2 x 576 cycles or 6912 ft2/shift
=1.1 M2 x 576 cycles or 634 M2/shift


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Taylor Dual Automated Clamp Carrier
Taylor Dual Automated
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