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Taylor Classic Clamp Carrier

Taylor Classic Clamp Carrier

The Classic Clamp Carrier is our most versatile wood clamp model. Sizes range from 20 to 80 sections with widths up to 16-1/2' (5M) wide. Most machines are equipped with Pneumatic Air Motor Drive for rotation, Clamp Tightener and Panel Flattener. The smaller machines work well with the Plate Spreader (manual glue applicator). As with all Taylor Clamp Carriers, smaller machines can be expanded as production requirements grow. The Classic Clamp Carrier is an ideal clamping system when a wide variety of products are to be glued.

Production is based on cycle time and panel size. Assuming that each section is curing 3 panels whose dimensions are 24" x 24" (60cm x 60cm) and assuming a cycle time of 2 minutes, production per shift equals:

One Panel:
=4 ft2 (.36M2)

One Section:
=12 ft2 (1.1M2)

One Cycle:
=2 minutes
=30 cycles/hour
=210 cycles/shift

Production output:
=12 ft2 x 210 cycles or 2520 ft2/shift
=1.1 M2 x 210 cycles or 231 M2/shift


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Taylor Classic Clamp Carrier
Taylor Classic
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