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PROTROL Draw, Ratio and Net Ratemeter

PROTROL Draw, Ratio and Net Ratemeter

KEP Panel Counters


• 2 Separate Dividing Scale Factors for Inputs A and B
• 2 Set Points Each With a Hysteresis Alarm Range
• Displays Three Separate Values; A (A Rate), B (B Rate) and C (A-B), (A÷B) or [(A-B)÷B]
• Digital Input Up To 10kHz
• NEMA 4X / IP65 Front
• 2 Stage Panel Lockout
• RS232 or RS422 Communications


Featuring 6 digits of bright, 7-segment LED displays, the Protrol is a rate, ratio and draw meter which is field programmable. The two inputs (A and B) each have separate scaling factors. The unit can be programmed to display: two separate ratemeters (A and B), the net difference of A and B, the ratio of A to B (A ÷ B) or the draw [(A - B) ÷ B]. Two assignable set points are standard with a programmable hysteresis (alarm range).


Display: 5 digit, .55" high, 7 segment, red orange, LED.
Input Power: 110 ± 15% or 12 to 15VDC; 220 VAC ± 15% or 12 to 15VDC.
Current: maximum 250 mA DC or 6.5 VA at rated AC voltage.
Output Power: (AC powered units only) + 12VDC @ 50mA unregulated -10 +50%
Temperature: Operating: +32°F (0°C) to +130°F (+54°C).
Storage: -40°F (-40°C) to +200°F (93°C).
Memory: EEPROM stores data for ten years if power is lost.
Front Panel: Resets (updates) normalization process.
Remote: Resets control output (if it's in hysteresis and
below the preset).
Control Outputs:
2 each N.O. Relay - 5 Amp @ 120/240 VAC or 28 VDC.
(N.C. Relay contacts or NPN sink from 10VDC to .5V @ 100mA available with solder jumpers).
STD: High Impedance. Open or 0 to 1V (low), 4 to 30V (high) 10K Ohm impedance. 9.99 kHz max. input speed.
OPTION "M": For Magnetic pickup Inputs, accepts 30mV inputs
Set Points: Two control set points are provided. The outputs have a programmable hysteresis alarm range from 0 to 99999
Rate Display: The ratemeters (AandB) update once per second and are accurate to 0.01% FS (± 1 display digit).
The unit will sample from 2 to 24 seconds and will compute a weighted average (normalization).
Programming: Set points, decimal points, Scaling from .0001 to 99999, input type, normalization factor, hysteresis alarm range, and security panel lock code are all programmable from the front panel.
Housing: Standard 1/8 DIN, high impact ABS plastic case (NEMA 4X / IP65 front panel).
Shipping Weight: 2 lbs.
Approvals: CE Approved

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