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American Fabric Filter Dust Collector Filter Bags

Optimized Filters improve vacuum and catch dust down to one micron!

American Fabric Filter Co. manufactures a nearly unlimited range of fabric products such as optimized air filtration/dust containment bags and sleeves in any shape and size. We customize products with inlets, outlets, flanges, support hardware, windows and other options located and sized according to your needs.

Limited space, high temperatures, static cling and sticky or abrasive products? Saw dust, cement dust, flour dust or chemical dust?

With dozens of fabrics and finishes to choose from, design solutions are limited only by available space and imagination. Our sales specialists satisfy countless unusual and demanding needs. We also combine products like gum rubber tubing with canvas jackets for Pressure Sleeves, and can be your source for hard-to-find hardware and accessories.

The optimized filter bag shown here has four loops on top to suspend it from above and was designed to fit over a 1.5 hp collector.



…are individually computer designed for each dust collector model to properly handle all the airflow output.

…never rely on nearly empty bottom collector bags for any part of the air outflow.

…are oversized to maintain low back-pressure throughout their operational life, which means sustaining excellent vacuum to collect more fine dust from the tool and the air around it.

…have lower airflow per square foot of fabric, meaning airborne dust inside the bag simply stops at the inside “singed” (heat treated) surface to form a highly beneficial surface “dust cake” filter layer, without being permanently driven into the fabric’s fiber.

NOTE: Smaller “5-micron” felt filter bags must operate under much higher pressure. The fabric will initially capture a lot of fine dust within the fabric’s fibers, but they can soon clog up (e.g. blind). Increased back-pressure reduces airflow (suction) leaving more airborne dust at the tools. Eventually embedded dust works it’s way through felt and back to your workplace.

…quickly build up a dust cake layer that becomes the primary filtration media (as opposed to the felt fabric!) capable of capturing dust as fine as 1 micron. The singed (heat-treated) in-ner surface of an AFF felt bag supports a limited cake build-up. Fabric flexing during startup and shutdown is often enough to dislodge an excessively thick part of the cake and revitalize it.

NOTE: Over time a cake builds up and can greatly reduce airflow. If filter-breather bags are not correctly oversized to begin with, dust buildup on and in the fabric will permanently block airflow, and undersized bags will soon need to be replaced.

…require a specific surface area (square feet of fabric) for each collector to perform properly but the size and shape of each bag may be custom designed to meet space requirements.


…are dedicated to containing chips and dust.

…do not allow dust-laden air to escape back into your workplace.

…are not relied upon to fulfill the collector output’s breathing and filtering requirements.

…do not change the collector’s performance as they become full.

…can be custom-made of extra-strong, non-breathing cotton duck (canvas) for heavy duty fill-and-empty usage.

…can be economical 5 or 6 mil poly bags, fully filled and tied off for easy curb-side disposal. (Heavy duty 3 mil “contractor’s bags” from the D.I.Y. store are risky…)

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