STEFF 2034 Industrial Power Feeder

STEFF 2034 Industrial Power Feeder
Brand: Maggi Engineering
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The Steff 2034 is a 3-roller, 4-speed feeder with powerful feeding strength which can be easily assembled, dismantled and adjusted to different feed directions and needs. It may be installed on a:

  • Table Saw
  • Spindle Shaper
  • Jointer
  • Sander
  • Router
  • Planer

Thanks to an excellent roller-spring suspension of nearly 1", it is possible to work with pieces of different thickness and to obtain an uniform and delicate approach to the cutting tool, avoiding dangerous reject due to knots and other flaws in the wood. If there is a need to increase the space between the rollers, the middle roller can be removed so that the remaining rollers may be used for curve driving.


An accurate study of the lubrication of the moving parts has allowed us to achieve a long and silent working life of our machines. Our rollers of natural para rubber, 60 shore hardness (Polyurethane and steel rollers also available), have undergone many tests as to guarantee the best grip and a long life. The cast iron of the base support and cross-shaped support, the steel columns, and the aluminum handles with firm locking guarantee a smooth workmanship of the material both simple and secure.

Safety and Security:

The use of a feeding unit allows even an unskilled operator to work safely since the need for hands and fingers to be near the cutting tool is virtually eliminated. Further, as the rollers hold the stock in place, kickback possibilities are practically eliminated. Our universal support in the points of junction is provided with a safety device in compliance with the strictest EC regulations.


  • Electrostatic paint finish.
  • Sintered case hardened gears.
  • Bronze alloy main drive gear.
  • Natural rubber, 60 shore hardness rollers. (Polyurethane and steel rollers also available).
  • Calibrated spring support for roller adherence.
  • Powerful, reliable motor with 2 speed switch.

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