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With the Series 3300

Timesavers 3300 Series

Medium and large-size plants need proven performance they can trust. That's why plants worldwide turn to Timesavers Series 3300 for uncompromised productivity. Known for European styling, flexibility and long-life, this series comes loaded with standard features that others offer as "charge-for" options. Big on performance but small on space, The Series 3300 streamlined design stores bulky motors underneath, not on the outside, optimizing floorspace.

Common Elements

Series 3300 specifications featured on all models
  • Dial indicators on drums/platens
  • Emergency brake system on all heads
  • Centralized control panel
  • Digital thickness readout
  • 15-60 FPM feed speed A/C
  • Hour meter
  • Main motor load meters
  • Auto set-up device
  • Motorized lift
  • 0-6" opening (32-38" passline)
  • 30" infeed loading area
  • Four bed jacks
  • Quick release outboard support
  • Through-beam abrasive belt tracking
  • Infeed stop bar


Model #
52 inch, Single Head, Drum
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52 inch, Single Head, D/A
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52 inch, Double Head, Drum-Drum
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52 inch, Double Head, Drum-D/A
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52 inch, Three Head, Drum-Drum-Drum
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52 inch, Three Head, Drum-Drum-D/A
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52 inch, Four Head, Drum-Drum-Drum-D/A
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  • Drums and combination head types standard
  • One to three top-head configurations available
  • 11" diameter drums (7" diameter on combination heads)
  • 3" platen width on combination head
  • Rigid bed with spring-loaded shoes/rolls
  • 75" abrasive belt length
  • 17" and 20" minimum part length (depending on head configuration)


  • Abrasive belt blowoff
  • 41" constant passline
  • Extended outfeed roller table
  • Panel cleaning brush
  • Air platen with timers and controls

Financing Available

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