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Plus Your Performance
With The Series 2300

Timesavers 2300 Series

If you are a small to mid-sized cabinet, millwork or furniture plant you want the same performance throughput of the big guys. You want all of the must-have sanding, planing and finishing features without powering up the price. Compact, capable and very complete, The Timesavers Series 2300 makes light work of grueling tasks every time.

Common Elements:

Series 2300 specifications featured on all models
  • Centralized control panel
  • Digital thickness readout
  • Double infeed and outfeed holddown rolls
  • Hour meter
  • Main motor load meters/Watt meters
  • Four bed jacks
  • Infeed stop bar


Widebelt Sander Size and # of Heads
Model #
37 inch, Single Head, D/A
Call for price
37 inch, Double Head, Drum-D/A
Call for price
37 inch, Three Head, Drum-Drum-D/A
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43 inch, Single Head, D/A
Call for price
43 inch, Double Head, Drum-D/A
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43 inch, Three Head, Drum-Drum-D/A
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52 inch, Single Head, D/A
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52 inch, Double Head, Drum-D/A
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52 inch, Three Head, Drum-Drum-D/A
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  • Drums and combination head types standard
  • One, two or three top-head configurations available
  • Dial indicators on drums/platens
  • 8" diameter drum (5 1/2" diameter on combination heads)
  • 2 1/2" width platen on combination head
  • One spare platen
  • 75" abrasive belt length (103" on 52" wide models)
  • Disc brakes on main motor
  • 20-45 FPM feed speed A/C
  • Auto set-up device
  • Motorized lift
  • 0-5" opening (33-38" passline)
  • 14" infeed loading area
  • Quick release outboard support
  • Through-beam abrasive belt tracking
  • 15" minimum part length


  • 460 volt conversion kit
  • Veneer-Saver air platen with timers

Financing Available

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