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Accurate Technologies Inc. ProScale Model 150

Accurate Technologies Inc. ProScale Model 150

ProScale Model 150 is a general purpose measuring device designed for machinery retrofit. Models are available for measurements up to 18 inches. An assortment of digital readouts is offered to better suit individual applications.

(Use Model 250 or Model 280 for longer measurement ranges.)


How to Order:

  1. Select a measuring range. 10 inch and 18 inch measuring ranges are stock sizes. Custom scale lengths may be ordered up to 116 inches range.
  2. Choose a cable length for the readhead (encoder). A 120 inch cable is supplied unless otherwise requested. Other lengths available are: 12, 24, 48, 72, and 120 inches.
  3. Choose a digital readout which best suits the installation and operation needs.

Financing Available

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